Wedding Fever


I’ve had the wedding bug since oh, about the time Nick and I started dating (I made him make a note in his phone of my ring size the 2nd time we hung out…not kidding). I was only off by 1/4 size. In the Spring of 2012 I REALLY had the sickness, we went and looked at rings at my life-long, dream jewelry store, BC Clark. And then in late summer (August 4th, 2012 to be exact), he asked me to be his wife!

Like any girl, I was all about wanting to plan everything that very day, set a date, pick a venue, try on dresses, the works. But…there was one little glitch, Nick is joining the Navy. Now if there is anyone out there that is unaware what military life is like I’ll tell you the one thing you need to know: You can’t plan anything. You just have to go with the flow and hope for the best. This becomes an issue when you’re trying to plan a wedding. There are venues around here that are already book for NEXT fall…2014!!


To make a long story a little shorter, we’ve finally set a date…yesterday, and today…we booked a venue! So for those of you that have been anxiously waiting to hear, the date is…drumroll please…OCTOBER 26, 2013!! Nick will graduate from OCS (Officer Candidate School) in September if everything goes as planned, but thankfully everyone we’ve talked with so far is open to letting us change the date if we have to. 

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve recieved so far about transitioning into military life is this: “Throw away your pens, don’t set anything in stone, and go with the flow.” 

So mark your calendars for 10/26/2013…in pencil of course 🙂