Forward Motion, part 2

Well, now Nick and I are an OK State Alumni couple! Time to get those Lifetime Memberships (Christmas/Wedding gift anyone?). We had an amazing weekend with friends and family. We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to have such a wonderful support group. It’s hard to believe that our lives will no longer be based on semesters, breaks, and classtime, but now on “when Nick is gone” and “when Nick is home”. It’s a bittersweet time in our lives, we’re excited to get started in this new chapter, but also sad to see the college life go (but not the whole “always being broke” part, at least we hope that changes). The countdown to OCS is now at 48 days. We’re looking forward to having some down time before life gets crazy.

Oh, did I mention I’m getting sister? Okay, a sister-in-law, but hey, it’s close right? And did I also mention that she’s replacing me, by name that is. I’m so excited to welcome the NEW Morgan Ray into the family in the near future! Things are going to get prettyyy confusing.

Gotta go, Nick just made the most delicious looking salad. Time to eat! Pictures of graduation coming soon! Until next time…


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