Guys…I know everyone says wedding planning is hard, and tiring, and stressful, but I didn’t believe any of those people until now. Before I was like “What? Wedding planning is so fun, I love Pinterest”. Well let me tell you, Pinterest is full of LIES! Have you ever actually clicked on those wonderful wedding pins that are supposed to make wedding planning easy? Well do it one day, they’re also full of lies. They tell you how to have a $2,000 wedding…if you’re a hobo. And then the devil (Pinterest) lets you pin a $10,000 dress. Thanks Pinterest, thanks for the feature that says “Are you sure you want to pin this? It will take up your ENTIRE budget.” Not to mention I’ve never had a harder time making a decision about anything else in my entire life. “Oh, yes I love those centerpieces, that’s exactly what I want” Ten minutes later “Nope, that’s what I want, for sure, that’s it, no kidding”. It’s a neverending cycle. I’m in a trap and I can’t get out.

Someone HELP!!!!!!

Okay, but really, if anyone has any real-life tips they want to share to help me out I’d love to hear anything and everything!

And…Here’s a sneak peak of the sweet Save the Dates coming your way soon (I think you can tell how much Nick LOVES taking pictures)! Enjoy!





2 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I love these pictures- you two are seriously the cutest. Girl, let me tell you- leave pinterest now while you can!! It was seriously the death of me. I’ve seen your wedding board (great board, by the way) and you have plenty of inspiration to make this wedding the wedding of your dreams. Even days before my wedding, I was on pinterest! It was horrible. You couldn’t be more right by saying that pinterest is full of lies- but we still love it. Try to stay simple girl, because at the end of the day, those decorations will be sitting in your garage, and you’ll keep saying that you’ll post pictures online so you can sell your materials one day. I’m still saying that! I would say spend your time on the ceremony- that’s the part I hold most precious in my memories. The reception FLIES by and I hardly, and regrettably, remember anything… and our wedding was just a short 6 months ago. Cover your basics for the reception- food, drinks, a favor (if you desire), and music. Don’t get caught up in a lot of the traditional things you’re “suppose” to do- money dance, bouquet toss, garter dance, etc. We skipped those and I definitely didn’t miss them- left more time for dancing! Plus, that’s just more time your photographer has to stick around, and therefore more time you have to pay them for. So, a couple of short tips I have…

    -Find a friend that can use photoshop (aka, your cousin!), and ask for a favor! I designed my own invitations and programs and printed them at a small local printer- so much cheaper!
    -Speaking of local, use everything local! Not only are you supporting your community, you save money! I used a small time flower and cake lady- cheap and good quality!
    -Don’t let a lot of people (family) contribute to what you (really, what they think) should do for ceremony/reception decorations. I let too many opinions in, and really didn’t get what I wanted. Plus, it stresses you out big time. But days before the wedding, you start to not care anymore… like me. hehe!
    -If you aren’t having a wedding planner, make sure you have someone outside of the immediate family directing people for the ceremony. My pastor’s wife asked if she could step into help, and it made the world of difference. Not a lot of my wedding party had been in a wedding before, so no one knew what to do. Just having someone there to tell everyone to be quiet during rehearsal made such a difference!
    -The biggest mess up I had for my reception was we didn’t coordinate with the venue on how they wanted to see the seating chart. Make sure you know what they need so you can provide it to them. I had a seating chart, but they asked for something totally different. My bridesmaids were helping me with the seating chart right before the ceremony!! It was the most stressful part ever.
    -DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS. I loved my wedding, and wouldn’t change anything now, but it really is only a day, and your relationship and marriage with Nick is much more important and truly is the bigger picture.

    I know this is probably more than what you really wanted… but being freshly married, I know what it’s like! Love you!!!

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