1 down, 10.5 to go

So it’s officially been one week since Nick reported to OCS! This week was full of craziness for him. Lots of yelling, lots of being yelled at, lots of PT, and LOTS more yelling. And he made it through. Not that I ever thought he wouldn’t, but there’s always the off chance. “Rolling” has become a sort of curse word in my world lately. If a candidate “rolls” that means that they are held in a separate class until they are prepared to go back into the normal OCS routine, and that sets them back at the very least, 3 weeks. And a wise woman once said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. I know, I know, if it happens it happens, but it hasn’t happened, so keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen. Got it?

There’s not much to update on on my end. I’ve just been trying to stay as busy as possible and keep my phone far away, but close enough in case I get that curse-worthy call.
Please continue to keep Nick in your thoughts and prayers, this week is easier than the last, but it’s always appreciated!

That’s all folks!


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