Days until Nick is officially a Candidate Officer (Candio)/Days until I’m in Newport, RI.
These past couple of weeks have been CRAZY! I can’t believe Nick has already been at OCS for over 4 and half weeks! Only a month and a half left to go! I can do this!
He got email privileges last week so things have been so much easier. They had their big drill competition today and did great! The DI and class officers even told them they were proud of them 😮 (apparently that’s uncommon)! Next week they have another inspection, but Nick says that they’re in more of a routine now, they get to pick their own food, and they can eat however they want! Lots of studying, PT, and prep for inspections! In 25 days when he reaches the Candio phase he’ll have an actual job in the regiment and be able to have his cell phone!

I’m at camp until August 10th so time is flying while I’m here! Our family and friends have been so wonderful during this time and we both want everyone to know how blessed we are to have such wonderful people around us! We are two very lucky people!

PS: 93 days until the BIG DAY!


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