Candio Christmas

Today marks the first day of Week 9 of OCS Training for Nick in Newport, Rhode Island. More stuff than I could have ever imagined has happened in these 8 weeks. Some happy, some sad, some exciting, some really boring things too! Four of those weeks I spent at a girls summer camp called Camp Waldemar. It has a sort of magic that makes you forget about the worries of “real life” and gives you some time to relax on the Guadalupe River in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.

While I was at camp Nick got e-mail privileges and I’ve never checked my email so often or been so thankful for wifi! We also got the chance to talk on the phone a couple of times, but just as many times he’s had to leave me a voicemail because I wasn’t able to answer when he could call. Lots of people would ask, “well can’t you just call him back?” Nope, that’s not how it works! But the good news is: NICK IS REALLY CLOSE TO GETTING HIS CELL PHONE BACK!

This Wednesday is the day that he switches from being an “Officer Candidate” to being a “Candidate Officer” (Candio). He will have a job in the Regiment (all of the candidates at OCS) and he’ll have a lot more freedom with how his time is managed. He’ll be able to go to the Chow Hall whenever he wants to eat (during chow hours of course) and he’ll be able to talk at meals and get coffee (he’s only been able to have it at church on Sundays so far). Nick’s job will be working with the In-Doc staff for the incoming class next week. I’m not really sure what exactly it consists of, but he’ll be working with the new candidates arriving next Sunday! He is the head of a group of 4 other guys (pretty cool)! He’s officially on the downhill slope and I couldn’t be more excited! Another benefit of being a Candio is that they are able to receive care packages known as “candio boxes”. My parents and I each sent on and so did his parents! It is “tradition” to decorate these boxes and send things that they haven’t been able to have since being there (i.e., junk food, homemade goods, magazines, etc). This box had to be sent last week in order for it to arrive by “Candio Christmas” on Wednesday. So in about 3 days, this is what I came up with!

Funfetti cake in a jar :)

Funfetti cake in a jar 🙂

And here’s  a list of everything that went into mine and my parents’ boxes: Cake in a jar (2), a jar of icing, plastic forks and knives, an Under Armour Navy shirt, some really awesome UA american flag socks, playing cards, seasons 1-3 of The Big Bang Theory, headphones, cheez-its, cheez whiz (because he loves it and I refuse to buy it at home), crackers, beef jerky, jalapeño jack pretzel crisps, captain crunch, Men’s Health magazine, First Salute coins, contacts, fun size chocolate bars, peanut butter cookies, and a little touch from home, my stuffed Penguin “Petri” that he got me at the Georgia Aquarium in 2010 (maybe he’ll get some flack for that one, but oh well) 🙂

Only 23 days until I’m in the air on my way to Newport!!! Until next time…