Together again!! (with some interesting twists)

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 am to head to the airport in Tulsa. I had very uneventful flights to DFW, Newark, and then Providence! I’ve never been further north than DC, so everything is new and exciting! I saw NYC from the sky and was completely blown away! What vertical cities are truly amazing!
Then after finding out my checked bag went to Dulles and not Providence, I finally got on the van that goes to Naval Station Newport (and around the city). THIS is where things got interesting. To start things off terribly the driver didn’t even work for the company, he was the owners friend (sketch). Then he’s swerving all over the road and I’m literally worried that I won’t make it to Newport alive. There are 2 other people on the shuttle, a Newport resident, and an Italian guy who’s a personal chef for the family that just bought the Firestone Estate…first stop we make in town is at a liquor store. The Italian guy comes out with one already drank beer and the Newport lady is cracking open a baby bottle of wine. Needless to say my anxiety level is through the roof right at this point. I think the driver could tell I was a little anxious because he asked if I had to check in on base at a certain time. I thought…”No, I just haven’t seen my fiancé in THREE MONTHS, but take your sweet time”. Instead I kept my calm and told him no, everything was fine. WRONG ANSWER. After dropping off the other lady he proceeds to take the Italian guy and me on a little tour of the city. That’s awesome, but not what I signed up for. At this point Nick is already waiting at the hotel and I’m crying silently in the back seat (lol). But it’s not over yet…when we finally get to the hotel where the Italian guy is staying, the driver gets out and starts yucking it up with someone he knows. We spent about 15 minutes there. FINALLY, I’m stuck in the van ALONE with creepy driver/tour guide guy. But, this means we’re officially on our way to Naval Station Newport. I think that last hour in the cab felt about as long as the past 3 months!
(Warning: Here comes the sappiness!) As we drive up I see Nick coming out of the lobby with flowers in hand, I drop my bag and run to hug him (definitely one of the most romantic moments of my life, even better than the proposal)! Once I got to touch him and hug and kiss him the hardest thing was getting myself together, letting go, and still having to talk to the hotel clerk to check in. We got to spend about an hour and a half together last night before he had to head back to Nimitz Hall, that was the next hardest part.
Today he’s busy with other things and I’m hoping to get to see him for a little while later this afternoon! Tomorrow is Pass In Review (the “parade” of class 16-13) and Hi Mom’s (the graduation reception)!

Until next time… 🙂


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