Long overdue update (December to now)

It looks like I’ve gotten into a bad habit of only writing on here every two months, so for those looking for an update, I apologize, I’m trying really hard to get better about making more regular updates on here!

The holidays this year were pretty crazy. Nick and I both missed out on family traditions we’ve never (or rarely) missed, but we were able to make some great new memories. First we road-tripped (Crosby as well) to Alpharetta to spend Christmas day with the Bergerts! Thank the Lord for FaceTime, I was able to see and talk to my family and it almost felt like I was there. Then on the 26th my parents and Hunter were able to make a trip to Pensacola and spend a few days with us as well. It definitely wasn’t the Christmas either of us is used to, but being fortunate enough to spend time with our immediate families (most of them) was enough to make everything feel okay! Since Christmas Nick has finished IFS (Introductory Flight Screening; basically a civilian flight training course in a Cessna) and now he’s almost finished with the academic portion of API (Aviation Pre-flight Indoctrination; lots of studying in subjects like Aerodynamics, Weather, Navigation, etc). After academics he’ll be doing some different Survival Training, mostly in the water. As long as things stay on track, he’ll graduate API around the beginning of March. After that is Primary Flight Training which is in Pensacola for about 3-5 months. The aircraft he ends up on will determine whether or not we’ll be moving after Primary and where specifically we would go! Here’s a pretty cool look at what he’s doing now and where he could possibly go: So if you start from the left side, you can see that he’s completed “NIFS” and he’s currently in “API”. After Primary is the decision point!

NFO Training Pipeline


This website http://www.cnatra.navy.mil/training_officer.htm explains this picture in a little more detail, but it’s a lot of military jargon so good luck 🙂



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