The Great Grocery Store Comparison


Today I took on a project that I’ve been wondering about for quite some time. With the frustrations of shopping at the Commissary on base (limited selection, ALWAYS busy, long lines and often unhappy/rude employees), I got to wondering how other grocery stores really compare; and I wanted to do the research myself, not just hear-say from others. So today, I visited the Corry Station Commissary, Winn Dixie at the corner of Hwy 98 & Blue Angel, and the Publix in Bellview Plaza on Mobile Highway. I used a generic list of items that I typically shop for on a regular basis, then I added in a few things that I buy less often, like paper towels and the great big box of Goldfish! I tried my best to compare exact products, but some were not offered at every store, so I chose a comparable product. Check out what I found!


Although Publix has the biggest variety of options and very nice employees, I still can’t justify paying over $100 more a month. For now, I’ll just suck it up and continue shopping at the Commissary and visit Publix for specific things that the Commissary doesn’t carry.

*Disclaimer: The 5% Commissary Surcharge is included. Florida does not have sales tax on food, so in this chart the average state and local sales tax of 6.62% is added only to the Starbucks K-cups and paper towels. No coupons, BOGO offers etc. are included. I realize that this is not an all-inclusive list or comparison, but I am simply working with what I have access to. This comparison is meant to give you a general idea of the differences between typical prices.

Where do you shop the most often? Why do you shop there as opposed to other grocery stores? Please leave your comments 🙂


Heyyyy Facebook!

Okay, so when I said I wanted to stay off Facebook until my birthday I guess I meant I wanted to stay off Facebook until my “6 months of being married” celebration. I admit it. I couldn’t do it. I like keeping up with my friends too much. But I did make some progress over the past 2 (was it even that long) days. Here’s what I did:

1. Started drinking coffee (so what if I need 2 scoops of sugar and a splash of milk?)
2. Bought mismatched/kinda matching nightstands to re-vamp.
3. Volunteered at an adoption event for the Humane Society.
4. Took a couple naps.
5. Watched the Pens win Game 5.

I consider this a win.


Adopt your new best friend

This week I started what I’ve been saying I want to do since we moved to Pensacola. I started volunteering at the Pensacola Humane Society and today we had an adoption event. The dog on the left in the picture is Wisteria, a 3 year old Catahoula Leopard Mix and bottom right is sleeping Dorothy, she’s probably dreaming of Kansas. She’s still a puppy at a year old and they think she’s a Terrier/Pit Bull mix. Such sweet dogs that will hopefully find their forever home very soon! Next time you’re looking for a new fur baby make sure to check out your local Humane Society. Adopted pets make great friends and are so appreciative of your love!


Bye, bye Facebook!

Starting today, I’m going on an official Facebook hiatus for an undetermined length of time. I say official because I’ve tried this before and it hasn’t worked, but this time I’m gonna make it work. I say undetermined length of time because I want to make it until at least my birthday, but I may see that I actually really like not being on it and go forever. Not that you probably care, but I’m doing this because I feel like I spend (read: waste) way too much time on “The Facebook” and far too little time doing pretty much anything else. So I’m going to take this chance to do other things like:

1. Stay caught up on my blog.
2. Maybe clean the house more often.
3. Focus on school, yep, I’m going back to school. For real this time.
4. Go to the beach, I do live in Florida ya know!
5. Rearrange my house.
6. Deepen personal relationships.
7. Post more on Instagram, because let’s face it, it’s way better than Facebook anyway. However, I will be sharing my Insta photos on Facebook, just not checking to see how many likes I have.
8. Write some letters.
9. Start my NEW JOB 🙂
10. Help Nick study EPs, Limits, Procedures, & Maneuvers. (yay!)
11. Read my bible.
12. Get rid of a lot of junk.
13. Organize all the junk we think we need to keep.
14. Maybe do a Pinterest project or seven.
15. Check out new restaurants.
16. Make lots of pointless lists.