A Nick Update

Hey y’all! Thought you’d like an update on where Nick is in Flight Training. About a month and half ago he started Primary Flight Training! The set-up for this phase of training goes pretty much like this: Ground School, Flight Simulations, then real flight time in the T-6A Texan II. For the first phase he was in the front seat, but from now on he’ll be in the back seat, living the NFO life! He’s about 2 weeks in to the Instruments Navigation course, still in ground school.

Also‚ĶI’m not sure if I’ve explained what an NFO does, but I’ve linked the wikipedia page if you want to check it out. The way I always tell people is that he’s like Goose in Top Gun except for the dying part (spoiler alert!).

This is a pretty cool video that shows the NFO view in the T-6 (it’s a lot further along in training, but you get the idea). We just found this on YouTube, so of course we take no credit for any of it.